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Helping you navigate a medical malpractice action

When individuals in West Virginia fall ill or become seriously injured, they rely on medical professionals to diagnose and treat them. With years of education and training, it is difficult to not trust a doctor, surgeon or nurse when they are treating you. However, medical professionals are humans; thus, making them subject to human errors. While these errors could be simple, causing not harm or disruption to the care of a patient, others could be extremely harmful and detrimental to the health and wellbeing of a patient.

Medical errors are like a car accident; it is an unexpected event that can leave a victim overwhelmed with emotions and physical pain. In any shocking event, it is difficult to fully process what happened and what actions you should take. At Cormany Law, PLLC, our experienced legal team understands the complexity of these matters. Thus, we are dedicated to helping patients in the Charleston area understand their rights, helping them navigate a medical malpractice action.

Patients with hearing loss prone to medical errors

When we go to the doctor, we rely on the advice and medical diagnosis we receive. However, a medical treatment is only beneficial if a patient hears it and understands it. When it comes to senior citizens in West Virginia and elsewhere, being hard of hearing could be detrimental to their patient care. And, if a medical professional fails to take this factor into consideration, this could result in serious and even life threatening medical errors.

According to a recent study that looked at 100 patients that are age 60 and older, 43 reported that they misheard a doctor or a nurse while in an inpatient or community health care setting. This generates a major vulnerability for unintended errors to occur.

Rise in coal mining deaths generates safety concerns

The mining industry is important to residents in West Virginia and nearby states. Because residents in these states tend to work in this industry, the dangers and risks associated with mining are likely well known. Even more so, miners are also aware of the various health and safety steps that have been taken on the state and federal level to ensure the safety and well-being of miners. Unfortunately, these safety measures are not always taken or adequately applied, resulting in serious and fatal mining accidents.

According to recent statistics, a rise of fatal mining accidents has been occurring in the Ohio Valley region. This level of deaths has not been experienced since 2015, and this rate has generated many concerns among safety advocates. Twelve miners have already died on the job this year, with two of them occurring in Kentucky and six in West Virginia. In comparison, eight fatalities occurred in all of 2016.

Understanding the different types of defective products

With the constant advances in technology, it is tough not to use and rely on a wide variety of consumer goods. While some of these products provide pure enjoyment, others serve vital roles, such as an automobile, household item or work tool. And, because of their resourcefulness, some consumers rely on these products on a daily basis. When a product malfunctions, however, this can cause huge upsets. While this could just mean the product no longer works, it could also mean it is defective and harmed the consumer using it.

Defective products enter the stream of commerce in a variety of ways. There could be a defect in the design of the product. This means that the manufacturer failed to design a product that is safe when used in the intended manner. A defective product could also be the result of manufacturing defects. This means that the manufacturing process of the product or its components resulted in the product becoming unsafe.

Exposure to asbestos is very serious and must be prevented

Many occupations come with risks that can lead to serious medical conditions. One particular concern is for people who work around asbestos, which is a group of minerals that occur naturally that are used in various applications due to their corrosion and heat resistance.

Historically, asbestos was used in home building. However, it was discovered that asbestos exposure can be dangerous and deadly. The issue occurs when people get asbestos fibers into their lungs.

Protecting the rights of employees injured in workplace accidents

Going to work is a very routine activity for residents in West Virginia and elsewhere. While, at times, it can feel like a monotonous act for some employees, some workers in certain industries are always alive and alert when they enter the work environment. Because some industries pose various risk and dangers to employees, these workers are likely to enter the workplace with their safety in mind. Although certain jobs are regulated by the state and federal government to ensure health and safety guidelines are followed, this does not always mean they are complied with. Thus, workplace accidents could be the result of negligence by an employer or a supervisor.

No one expects to be injured on the job, and, even when it occurs, workers are likely more concerned about their health and well-being than finding out what caused the accident and who was at fault. Nonetheless, determining cause and liability in a work accident is a crucial step to take. At Cormany Law, PLLC, our experienced legal team has witnessed many accounts of bodily injury occurring because of companies and industries failing to follow safety rules. Thus, our law firm is dedicated to helping workers in the Charleston area navigate a legal action.

Coal mining deaths: Feds say new workers most at risk

According to federal safety officials, U.S. coal mining fatalities have increased substantially compared to last year's figures. Furthermore, officials say that the newer the worker, the more vulnerable he or she will be to getting into a fatal accident.

However, the coal miner's union says that the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration isn't doing enough to keep miners safe. Ten coal miners have already died this year in comparison to last year's record low of eight deaths.

We can help you assert a products liability action

In today's world, it is tough to get through the day without some type of consumer product. Whether you are using a computer, household item, tool or motor vehicle, these products are very efficient, helping us accomplish tasks we couldn't do without them. While consumer goods are helpful and often relied on, they are not always perfect. Consumer products are, unfortunately, subject to human errors, causing some to be defective or dangerous.

When consumers encounter defective products, it is likely a frustrating situation, mostly because the product is not working the way it was intended. But, in some situations, a defect causes a product to become dangerous, harming its user. At Cormany Law, PLLC, our experienced legal team understands the harm and damage a defective product can cause; thus, we are dedicated to serving individuals in West Virginia assert their consumer rights.

Injured in a car accident? Don't ignore invisible injuries

It is not always possible to see all the damage done in a car crash. In some cases, it is invisible: You can't point out the damage to police or see it on an X-ray; you can't take a picture of the injury or watch it heal.

Many people suffer these invisible injuries after an accident, but they often overlook damage they cannot see. However, as we explain below, various types of invisible injuries have the potential to be as serious and life changing as visible damage, if not more so.

Tips to help you after a car crash

There are a lot of thoughts that go through a person's mind when they are in a car crash. It is important that you take the right steps after the accident so that you don't damage your chance of being able to seek compensation if you were the victim.

Seeking compensation might be far from your mind at the time of the crash. Once the medical bills start coming in and you start to realize the full financial impact, you might see that seeking compensation can help to defray some of the damages. Here are some tips to help you avoid harming your possible claim for compensation: