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What is a common cause of nurse errors?

When we are ill or injured, we rely on medical professionals to diagnose us and treat us. When entering a hospital or clinic, the first person a patient interacts with when their care begins is usually a nurse. These are highly trusted medical professionals and oftentimes patients spend the most time with nurses before and after seeing the doctor. However, these medical professionals can make mistakes. And, unfortunately, these mistakes can transfer to the care of the patient, resulting in harm or injury.

What is a common cause of nurse errors? Based on current research, depression is common among nursing professionals. Additionally, a link to medical errors was found. This study discovered that roughly half of the nurses reported sub-optimal physical and mental conditions. It was also discovered that nurses in poor health condition had a 26 to 71 percent increase chance of reporting medical errors at work.

The product recall process by the FDA

Whether it is a newly released device, a household item, food or a motor vehicle, we all rely on consumer goods. While some are more necessary than others, it is practically impossible to avoid interacting with a widespread consumer product. While these items serve a purpose and are most likely very beneficial to the user, unforeseen problems can sometimes occur. These issues can then lead to health and safety problems for the consumer. Unfortunately, this situation could be the reason a consumer is injured or harmed.

In order to quickly address the potential harms and dangers caused by a defective or potentially harmful FDA-regulated product, the FDA will issue a recall. This means that they will take steps to either remove the product from the market or correct the problem. These are the most effective ways to protect the public from potential harms.

Silicosis: A troublesome risk in many industries

Many workers face serious risks at work due to the types of materials they encounter. Silica dust is one hazard that you don't hear about very often unless you are in one of the industries that is at risk.

Workers in the steel industry, quarries, rock or coal mining, and construction might be exposed to the crystalline silica, which can be inhaled.

Holding a negligent party liable following a workplace accident

Sometimes accidents just happen, but in other situations, accidents are a result of a negligent party. Because of that, when you become victim of a workplace accident, it is best to not look at it as a simple accident that was no one's fault. On the other hand, you should consider it being caused by an employer, supervisor or another third party.

It is obvious that certain industries in West Virginia carry with them additional risks and dangers; however, that does not excuse employers from implementing certain health and safety standards in the workplace. Failing to provide adequate training, up-to-date safety gear and providing instructions and schedules that keep the safety of employees a top priority could result in a serious workplace accident, injury one or more employees.

Helping you recover compensation following a workplace accident

Not all workplaces are created equally; however, no matter what industry you work in, your health and safety should be a priority. Employers in West Virginia and other states across the nation are required to follow health and safety rules and regulations in order to ensure that employees are free from risks and dangers. Despite the efforts made by state and federal agencies, some employers fail to comply with these regulations. This unfortunately can lead to serious and even fatal workplace accidents.

Suffer an injury in the work environment is not often expected. Although those working in high risk industries, such as those dealing with chemicals, heavy equipment, logging, manufacturing and construction work, expect a certain level of danger in the work environment, workers expect to receive proper and adequate training and safety equipment to prevent serious injuries.

Don't navigate the aftermath of a car accident alone

While countless trips on the open road are completed without consequence, there are some instances when that unfortunately isn't the case. Motor vehicle accidents can cause a wide range of injuries from something seemingly minor as a sore neck to the total loss of life. With such stakes, it's important to know that you are not alone if you've been the victim of such a horrific occurrence.

There are many different elements involved in navigating the aftermath of a car accident. A major element is that of negligence. Sometimes, accidents happen that are totally out of the control of anyone involved. Other times, however, an individual's actions lead to the accident. When this is the case, that negligence is key in pursuing justice.

Woman dead following crash with dump truck

Motorists in West Virginia and elsewhere encounter a wide variety of vehicles. While this typically includes other automobiles, this could also entail buses, larger trucks, commercial vehicles and bicyclists. Thus, it is important for drivers to be attentive of all vehicles traveling around them, large and small. A negligent driver, whether they are operating a personal vehicle or driving for work, could be the cause of a serious and even fatal motor vehicle collision.

According to recent reports, a fatal crash occurred on West Virginia 51 near Middleway. Based on reports, the accident involved a car and a dump truck. Authorities believe that the accident occurred around 10 a.m. when the front left tire of the dump truck blew out. This caused the dump truck that was traveling westbound to swerve into the eastbound lanes.

What are your consumer rights regarding defective products?

It is challenging to get through our days without the help of goods and products. Consumer goods help us complete tasks or make things easier. Whether it is a vehicle, tool, household item or even a medical device, it would seem impossible to live without these. Although these are very useful and reliable items, they do not always work as intended. While this may seem like a frustrating situation, it is also a one that could involve a defective product harming a consumer. Thus, when individuals are harmed by consumer goods, it is important to understand whether it is in fact defective, how this defect occurred and what legal recourses are available to the injured consumer.

What are your consumer rights when injured by a defective product? When a product that is defective injures a consumer, he or she is able to assert certain consumer rights. This could look like a products liability claim. This action is based on the fact that a consumer was injured by a product that was defective is some way. In order to be successful with this legal action, one needs to prove several factors or elements. One of these is the type of defect that made the product dangerous.

Understanding factors that lead to serious workplace accidents

For most individuals, the workplace is how we maintain a livable income. Whether this is through an office job, construction, mining or factory work, employees across the nation likely face known and unknown risks and dangers in any and all types of work environments. Even if a position does not have obvious risks, the unfortunate reality is that all workers could endure serious harms in the event of a workplace accident.

According to the Occupational Safety and Heath Administration, all workers are exposed to the risk of suffering a serious or fatal injury in the workplace as a result of being struck by an object. Based on their collected information and data, a significant portion of these injuries, fatal or not, were caused by being struck in the eyes, face, head, hands or feet by a foreign object. For example, collected data suggests that 2,500 eye injuries occur everyday as a result of a workplace accident.

Making ends meet after a catastrophic injury

The cost of a catastrophic injury can be difficult for victims to cope with. The more serious the injury, the more costly it is to continue to live after the accident.

When it comes to spinal cord injuries, more serious injuries are likely to lead to paralysis. This could be devastating to cope with because victims may deal with increased costs while they are learning how to live on a reduced or nonexistent income.