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January 2014 Archives

Snow plow driver arrested for drunk driving after failed BAC test

Although many people here in West Virginia are eagerly awaiting the end of winter, many know that we still have several more weeks to go, meaning we’ll still have to see salt trucks and snow plows on our roadways for quite some time. Just based on their size and their decreased visibility for their drivers, these trucks can be incredibly dangerous to other motorists. But throw alcohol into the mix and you have a recipe for disaster.

Highway fatalities in West Virginia dropped slightly in 2013

In states across the nation, including here in West Virginia, safety programs like the National Highway Safety Association compile crash data from previous years to see what types of crashes occurred and the number of crashes that resulted in injury and deaths. Such was the case for the West Virginia Southern Regional Highway Safety Program, which recently looked at crash information from 2013 and compared it to previous years. Although they determined that highway fatalities have declined in the last two years, some of our readers might still find these numbers too high.

Work vehicle accident could make employer liable

In most personal injury lawsuits based on a car accident, only the driver for the accident will be held responsible, but that is not always the case. In some situations, the city or a property owner can be held responsible for creating a hazard on the road. If the driver who caused the accident was working or was in a company vehicle, his or her employer might also be held responsible. This is typically most common when someone is seriously injured following a truck accident or a crash with a commercial vehicle. Though the employer may not always be found liable, a personal injury lawyer can advise a client on whether it is worthwhile to pursue a claim against an employer.

Petition for guardian ad litem requested in personal injury case

To our southeast, in the city of Beckley, a petition filed in the Circuit Court of Raleigh County could help settle a personal injury case that has been unresolved since the plaintiff was injured in 2011 as the result of a rear-end collision. The plaintiff was a passenger in the vehicle that was struck and needed medical treatment for back and neck pain -- expenses that would likely be covered by compensation received in a personal injury settlement.