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April 2014 Archives

Distracted truck drivers: a dangerous reality

The West Virginia Trucking Association is reportedly carrying on a campaign against distracted driving, urging motorists to avoid using cell phones when behind the wheel. Distracted driving, of course, is a major cause of motor vehicle accidents and, quite honestly, the more people getting behind the cause of reducing distracted driving the better.

Punitive damages in personal injury cases

A West Virginia family recently filed a lawsuit against a trucking company it claims was responsible for an accident that caused them injury. The accident reportedly occurred at an intersection when an employee of MG Miller Trucking failed to step on the breaks and barreled into a group of cars.

Suing for work injuries as a temp worker

As many of our readers know, the use of temporary workers has increased in recent years, particularly since the recession hit. This trend has made things easier for companies by allowing them to keep workers on for some time before committing to them and the added costs employees entail. These costs include benefits such as health insurance and workers' compensation.

Punitive damages are available in some personal injury cases

In criminal law, the right to a fair trial is an important one, for obvious reasons. When an individual is unable to get a fair trial in one venue, he or she may request to have their case moved to an area where this is possible. That is what is happening in the case of a man convicted in a Pennsylvania accident that killed a sheriff’s deputy.