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May 2014 Archives

HOS recording devices help reduce truck accidents

Driver fatigue is a serious problem among commercial carriers in general, and truck drivers in particular. Long hours on the road with inadequate rest periods can lead to a situation where a trucker is unable to safely operate his or her vehicle and presents a risk to other motorist. This is a major reason the federal government has established rules concerning the number of hours a trucker can spend behind the wheel in any given day and week, and how long and frequent rest breaks must be.

West Virginia couple files suit including loss of consortium claim

A truck driver and the companies he is associated with are reportedly being sued by a West Virginia couple over a truck accident that occurred in Mount Hope on Highway 19. According to the couple’s complaint, their pickup was struck by a truck trailer. As a result of the collision, over $6,000 in medical expenses were incurred by the man, as well as other damages and losses relating to his wife.

Distracted driving a major problem in West Virginia

Distracted driving is a hot topic today in the area of motor vehicle safety, as our readers are already aware.  Although campaigns against the activity have been undertaken in many places across the nation and laws passed in an effort to discourage the behavior, it still remains a problem. Nationwide, distracted driving caused a total of 3,328 fatalities in 2012. In West Virginia, distracted driving has been found to be the third most prominent cause of motor vehicle crashes, according to the West Virginia Governor’s Highway Safety Program.

Family sues concrete company for wrongful death

A concrete company based in Cabell County is reportedly facing a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of a man who died in a motorcycle accident. The suit alleges that the man had been riding his motorcycle in a construction zone set up and maintained by the concrete company when a vehicle behind him crashed into him and caused fatal injuries.