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July 2014 Archives

Employers shouldn't always save money on workers' compensation

Employers in West Virginia may be experiencing yet another reduction in workers' compensation rates in the coming year. The National Council on Compensation Insurance, which does the research used by most states to adjust employers' insurance premiums, recently proposed another cut in rates for the state of West Virginia.

Fact of the day: federal law prevents truckers from texting

Distracted driving is a major problem in the United States and a major issue to tackle with respect to roadway safety. Most, if not all, states have implemented some form of restriction on the use of cell phones while driving in order to address the issue, and public safety campaigns and increased enforcement efforts are common nationwide.

Injured comedian files lawsuit against Wal-Mart over NJ truck accident

In previous posts, we’ve written about the issue of trucking safety, particularly in connection with a truck accident in which actor-comedian Tracy Morgan was involved last month in New Jersey. The accident gained a lot of attention, as we’ve noted, because it was caused by driver fatigue—the Wal-Mart trucker responsible for the accident is said to have been awake for 24 hours prior to the crash.

New law provides additional protections for cyclists

For bicyclists, the decision to get out on the roadway with other motor vehicles can be a nerve-racking one. Because of the vulnerability of bike riders on the roadway, it is obvious who is going to suffer more injury in the event of a motor vehicle crash. Not only that, but cyclists can't always count other motorists to respect their right to be on the road. In some cases, cyclists are met with impatience and aggressions by motorists who don't want to share the road.

Senate bill would change hours-of-service restart provision

Truck safety has been in the new more lately, following a truck accident last month involving actor and comedian Tracy Morgan. Much of the talk centers on the hours-of-service regulations, which govern how many hours truckers can put in on any given day or work week, as well as other related issues. Those who have followed the issue know that the current regulations, which were implemented last year, have been controversial in the trucking industry, largely because they have reduced production and brought complications into truckers’ schedules.