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October 2014 Archives

Safety advocates: poll shows Americans oppose changing restart rule

In a recent post, we wrote that the 34-hour restart rule is among the top concerns for the trucking industry in the coming year. The rule, as we’ve noted, is controversial because of the impact it has had on productivity in the trucking industry and because of the claim that it has actually increased the risk of truck accidents on highways across the nation.

Failure to wear motorcycle helmet can impact personal injury recovery

In many areas of our lives, we take precautions to avoid injury or harm to ourselves. When it comes to driving, for example, we wear seatbelts. Studies, of course, have shown that wearing a seatbelt is a critical way to ensure one’s safety in the event of a motor vehicle accident. Similarly, helmets have been shown to be critical to avoiding head and brain injury and death in motorcycle accidents.

Did Tracy Morgan contribute to his own injuries in NJ truck accident?

The issue of truck safety, while always an important one, received increased attention over the summer after actor-comedian Tracy Morgan was injured in a crash on the New Jersey Turnpike. The truck accident, as we previously wrote, was found to have been caused by a truck driver who had fallen asleep at the wheel after having been awake for over 24 hours, a violation of federal safety regulations.

Report shows restart rule a major concern for trucking industry

In its tenth annual survey of the top issues facing the trucking industry, the American Transportation Research Institute found that hours-of-service rules are foremost in the minds of industry leaders. In particular, the major issue of concern is the 34-hour restart rule, which requires truckers to spend two consecutive nights resting between specific hours before restarting their work week.

Legislation seeks to tackle problem of drowsy driving

Imagine you are driving down the road and feeling very sleepy. You are having trouble keeping your eyes open, perhaps even beginning to nod off despite attempts to stay awake. Do you pull over and get off the road for some rest or do you continue on your way? Of course, the safe thing to do is pull over and get some rest, but drivers sometimes take their chances and cause serious accidents.