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November 2014 Archives

West Virginia drivers: are you carrying enough insurance?

In our last post, we spoke a bit about West Virginia’s tort liability system and generally how it differs from no-fault systems in which insurance companies provide coverage regardless of who is at fault. In no-fault states, the basic idea is that drivers must insure themselves against injuries and damages from car crashes, which sets up insurance companies as the primary resource for recovery.

Recovering damages for auto accident personal injury in WV

In car accident cases, ensuring that crash victims receive the compensation due to them from at-fault parties is an important concern. The manner in which this compensation is available to accident victims does vary from state to state, as readers may know, with some states using a tort-based approach, others using a no-fault system, and yet others giving individuals the option to purchase no-fault or tort-based policies or to double up on both types of polices, as the case may be.

Marcellus Shale accidents prompt call for safety summit

West Virginia readers may be aware that the boom in hydraulic fracturing—known as fracking—has brought along with it an increase in the number of highway accident. This is true both in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, where work on the Marcellus Shale has caused an increase in the number of large trucks on the road. Many of these accidents involve individual drivers and independent contractors in the oil industry.

AAA study: hands-free technology can be distracting for drivers

Hands-free technology was initially developed in an effort to ensure drivers keep their attention on the road and the task of driving. But does hands-free technology actually improve drivers’ attention level behind the wheel? Not necessarily, according to a new study.