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December 2014 Archives

Distracted walking and comparative negligence in WV

Distracted driving, particularly the use of cellphones for talking and texting while driving, is something all of our readers are aware of as a significant problem right now in the United States. Statistics bear this fact out. To address the problem, states have passed laws restricting the use of cell phones while driving and implemented public awareness campaigns and other measures.

Liability in motor vehicle accidents not always easy to determine

Motor vehicle accidents can have a wide variety of causes, from reckless driving to poor weather conditions. Of course, the specific circumstances involved in a case determine exactly who may be held accountable for injuries and fatalities. A skilled personal injury attorney is keen on this fact and seeks liability so as to afford the victim the best opportunity for compensation.

Trucking restart rule likely to be suspended and investigated for impact

Readers who have been following our blog know that we have previously written about the controversy in the trucking industry over the so-called “34-hour restart” rule. The rule is part of the federal hours-of-service regulations which have the overall goal of ensuring that truckers take adequate rest breaks so that they are free of fatigue while behind the wheel.

A skilled attorney can make the best of weak evidence

Car accidents can happen in a variety of ways, including rear-end collisions, sideswipe and side-impact collisions, rollovers, pile-ups, and head-on crashes. Although some categories of car accidents are statistically more deadly than others, even less serious accidents can lead to significant medical expenses for car accident victims.

Personal injury litigation for drunken driving injuries

The West Virginia Gazette reported last month that the federal government will be giving a total of $291,000 to the state of West Virginia for the support of highway safety programs. Most of the money—over $215,000—will apparently fund the West Virginia Governor’s Highway Safety Office’s efforts against drunken driving.