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July 2015 Archives

How does a traumatic brain injury affect a person's life?

Falls, car accidents, sports and medical malpractice are common causes of brain injuries. West Virginia residents who have dealt with the aftermath of a traumatic brain injury know how serious this type of medical condition can be. Such a condition can cause permanent disability or even death. A brain injury can affect a person's life in the short term and for possibly many years to come.

Nine people injured in West Virginia car accident

Weather conditions most likely led to a serious crash on I-77 in Mercer County in West Virginia. The car accident happened on the evening of July 8. Two cars were involved in the crash, which left nine people injured. The condition of the injured people was not immediately known.

Is compensation possible if I wasn't wearing a helmet in a crash?

Motorcycles are exciting to ride, but they offer very little protection in the event of a crash. Injuries caused by a motorcycle accident can be severe or even fatal. If a West Virginia motorcyclist is injured due to a negligent driver, the motorcyclist will probably want to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other damages. But, what if the motorcyclist wasn't wearing a helmet? Is it still possible to file a claim for compensation and be awarded compensation?

Punishment and liability in drunk driving accidents

Drinking and driving is never a good idea. Even driving a short distance while intoxicated can lead to an accident. The possible result? Serious injuries or even death to a pedestrian or someone in another vehicle. While drunk driving accidents have decreased in West Virginia, thousands of people across the country are still killed by drunk drivers every year.

WV state trooper suffers on-the-job injury during investigation

There are many jobs in West Virginia that are inherently dangerous. Coal mining is a prominent source of employment in the state as are construction, oil and gas. Other jobs that are naturally risky, but which are not thought of in terms of worker injuries, include law enforcement and firefighting. Rest assured, however, that these jobs have their own dangerous elements, making it occasionally necessary that their workers file for workers' compensation. Knowing how to pursue benefits if there is a question about the on-the-job injury is important.

Brain injuries can require a lifetime of care

A previous post on this blog emphasized the importance of identifying the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury. However, once a brain injury is identified and treated, the brain injury victim could be facing a plethora of medical-related expenses. This includes not only medical bills related to the immediate care of the injury, but also expenses relating to rehabilitation or ongoing treatment of the injury. Even if the victim can return to work after the injury - which in some cases is not even possible - the victim may still find that their medical bills are simply too overwhelming to cope with.