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Brain injuries can require a lifetime of care

A previous post on this blog emphasized the importance of identifying the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury. However, once a brain injury is identified and treated, the brain injury victim could be facing a plethora of medical-related expenses. This includes not only medical bills related to the immediate care of the injury, but also expenses relating to rehabilitation or ongoing treatment of the injury. Even if the victim can return to work after the injury - which in some cases is not even possible - the victim may still find that their medical bills are simply too overwhelming to cope with.

Now take a step back and imagine that, instead of being a mere accident, a traumatic brain injury is caused by another person's negligence. For example, imagine the medical issues were caused when a negligent driver ran a red light and rammed into your vehicle. Or imagine you work in the mining industry, and the injury was caused by unsafe working conditions. In these situations, one option for West Virginians to consider is the possibility of pursuing a lawsuit against the negligent party.

With the help of an attorney, there are other experts that may be consulted when pursuing a lawsuit against a negligent party. For example, economic experts may be able to help calculate how much income the victim will have lost due to the victim's injury. Vocational experts will study the victim's injury in order to come to a conclusion about what the victim will need to return to work, if at all possible. Certain medical professionals aim to help the victim get the rehabilitation he or she needs to function. Life-care planners may be able to help calculate what the victim's future medical expenses will be, along with any modifications the victim may need to have made to his or her residence.

Attorney Jon Kristofer Cormany has worked with these types of experts for the past 15 years in handling brain injury cases. He understands that victims of brain injuries could need a lifetime of care. To learn more about brain injury cases in West Virginia, readers can visit with a local brain injury attorney.

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