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WV state trooper suffers on-the-job injury during investigation

There are many jobs in West Virginia that are inherently dangerous. Coal mining is a prominent source of employment in the state as are construction, oil and gas. Other jobs that are naturally risky, but which are not thought of in terms of worker injuries, include law enforcement and firefighting. Rest assured, however, that these jobs have their own dangerous elements, making it occasionally necessary that their workers file for workers' compensation. Knowing how to pursue benefits if there is a question about the on-the-job injury is important.

Recently, a state police officer was badly beaten by a man from Georgia. The incident occurred when the officer was called to the scene outside a department store to investigate reports that the man was harassing customers, drinking and asking for money. After the officer arrived to question the man, the man, age 53, began striking the officer. The injured officer was fortunately assisted by people at the scene. The man was arrested and the officer was hospitalized with injuries.

Injuries suffered on the job while performing one's duties can happen to anyone, especially those who place themselves in harm's way as part of their employment. When there are injuries and even fatalities, there can be a disagreement as to how much responsibility the employer and the insurer have to cover the employee's medical expenses, rehabilitation and other costs associated with the injuries. Although workers' compensation benefits are in place to protect workers, that doesn't automatically mean they will be approved or the employer won't dispute the claim. This is why it's important to have legal advice.

In this incident, a police officer was injured as he investigated reports of a vagrant causing a disturbance. The fact that he was beaten and hospitalized - only saved from a worse beating by bystanders - exemplifies how dangerous a police officer's job can be. Given the nature of this case, he may protect himself by discussing the case with a legal professional qualified to provide assistance in workers' injuries and compensation.

Source:, "State Police says bystanders jump in to help trooper," Cody A. Cummings, June 11, 2015

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