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September 2015 Archives

What can West Virginians do to avoid truck accidents?

Last week, we discussed semi-trucks' stopping distance and how it can pose a significant danger to other West Virginian motorists on the road. This, by no means, is the only threat that big rigs pose. Fatigued and intoxicated drivers, improperly maintained trucks and distracted driving can result in a serious accident. So, you might be wondering, what can you do to help keep yourself safe from these oftentimes tragic wrecks? We hope this post will provide you with some helpful tips.

West Virginia semi-trucks and stopping distance

Many West Virginians are well aware of the dangers that can be posed by negligent motorists and the importance of safe driving. However, some may not realize that truck drivers need to be even more careful to ensure they are not posing a threat to others on the road. One of the main reasons for this is the sheer size of these vehicles, which significantly increases the distance and time they need to come to a complete stop.

Dedicated to West Virginia workers' compensation clients

Over the last couple of weeks, we have discussed instances of workplace accidents that have left individuals injured or dead and potential defenses that can arise to workers' compensation claims. It is a tragic reality that many West Virginian jobs are dangerous. At any given moment, something can go wrong. West Virginians might end up with a debilitating injury that requires extensive medical care and that renders them unable to work. West Virginians hurt at work need to build a strong case to confront the potential defenses their employers will use to avoid liability.

Citations issued for two West Virginia mining accidents

Earlier this year, two separate accidents at two different West Virginia mines left two workers dead and several others injured. Now, West Virginia investigators have issued violations against the companies running those operations. These regulations will hopefully help raise awareness of dangerous workplace conditions and force these companies to implement the measures necessary to keep their workers safe.

What are some West Virginian workers' compensation defenses?

Every day, West Virginians put themselves in harm's way, simply by going to work. Particularly, those who work in the oil, gas, mining and construction industries, a minor mistake on behalf of an employer or a coworker can cause serious injuries, perhaps even death. Fortunately, the workers' compensation system exists to help these individuals recover some of their losses, which may take the form of medical expenses and lost wages.