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Citations issued for two West Virginia mining accidents

Earlier this year, two separate accidents at two different West Virginia mines left two workers dead and several others injured. Now, West Virginia investigators have issued violations against the companies running those operations. These regulations will hopefully help raise awareness of dangerous workplace conditions and force these companies to implement the measures necessary to keep their workers safe.

One of the accidents occurred at a Murray Energy mine when a piece of rig fell and pinned a worker, killing him. Three other individuals were hurt in the incident. The victim was shoveling loose debris at the time of the accident. Eight citations were issued. Many of those citations related to non-use of protective equipment. Perhaps, use of that equipment would have saved the worker's life and spared others from unnecessary harm.

The second accident occurred at a surface mine when a trucker operating a fuel truck lost control and crashed. Investigators discovered that the vehicle's brake system was too worn for safe operation, and other safety hazards were present at the time of the accident. Six citations were issued for the wreck, and investigators recommended that the company require two employees conduct safety checks of vehicles before going into operation.

As these instances can attest, the workplace can be extremely dangerous. Those who are hurt in a construction accident may be forced to face heft medical expenses and lost wages, which can make life financially difficult. By navigating the workers' compensation system, though, an individual may be able to recover the compensation to which he or she is entitled and focus on moving on with life.

Source: The State Journal, "WV inspectors issue violations in March coal mine deaths," Sarah Tincher, Aug. 27, 2015

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