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Over the last couple of weeks, we have discussed instances of workplace accidents that have left individuals injured or dead and potential defenses that can arise to workers' compensation claims. It is a tragic reality that many West Virginian jobs are dangerous. At any given moment, something can go wrong. West Virginians might end up with a debilitating injury that requires extensive medical care and that renders them unable to work. West Virginians hurt at work need to build a strong case to confront the potential defenses their employers will use to avoid liability.

Cormany Law proudly and competently represents those who have been injured on the job. We diligently work to uncover what really happened, and utilize the law to show that workers' compensation is justified. But, we do not stop there. In addition to fighting to show that the injury occurred within the scope of employment, we strive to illustrate the true extent of our clients' injuries. This allows them to recover as much compensation as is possible under the circumstances.

Whether an individual's case is negotiated or taken through the entire workers' compensation claims process, we stand by our clients. There may be setbacks, such as a denial of an initial claim, but we are dedicated to representing our clients' best interests on appeal.

Fighting for workers' compensation is fighting for the future. Without it, victims may not be able to regain your health, pay your bills and get back to work. Thus, the decision of how to approach the legal process is one that should be given significant thought. By engaging in an initial consultation with an attorney, an injured worker may find a successful strategy.

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