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Motorcycle accidents and facial fractures

With winter just around the corner, many West Virginians may be trying to find as much time to ride their motorcycles as possible. While this is completely understandable with the beautiful fall weather and foliage, motorcyclists need to do everything they can to ensure their safety, not so much because they are driving recklessly but because other motorists may be acting negligently behind the wheel. This puts motorcyclists at significant risk of harm.

We have already talked about some ways that bikers can be harmed in a motorcycle accident, including road rash, but facial fractures are another common injury suffered in these types of wrecks. There are multiple types of facial fractures, including orbital, nasoethoid, maxillary and mandible. These fractures, depending on the type and severity, can cause swelling, bruising, vision problems, drainage, pain in the jaw, numbness and an inability to bring the top and bottom teeth together properly.

Recovering from a facial fracture can take a lot of time and money. Initial hospital stays, surgical procedures, pain medication and follow up appointments can all add up. The costs could exceed a victim's maximum payout amount from their insurance, or it could leave the victim in a dire financial position if they do not have insurance. In addition, the victim may be forced to miss work, thus losing wages, or may be left with facial deformities.

A lawsuit against the negligent driver who caused the accident may allow a victim to recover compensation for these losses. However, certain elements must be proven before liability can be imposed. To learn more about those elements and how the law might apply to a certain situation, a motorcycle accident victim may want to consult a legal professional.

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