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Our last blog post discussed brain injuries and how long it takes for a sufferer to heal from such damage. Sadly, no two brain injuries heal in the same fashion. That means that while one individual may heal relatively quickly and lead a normal life or close to it, another may never recover. The reality of the situation can be soul-crushing. If you find yourself in this situation, then you and your loved ones may not only have to deal with the uncertainty of the situation, but also the harsh financial challenges that accompany it.

To start with, the medical bills from the ambulance ride, surgeries and hospital stays can balloon, especially if the victim's maximum coverage from their insurance is surpassed or they are uninsured. On top of the hospital bills are rehabilitation costs, which could last the rest of the victim's life. Lastly, the victim, who perhaps once made a decent living, may be rendered unable to work, meaning that they or their family are suddenly hit with the loss of much needed wages. The total damage caused by these losses, in addition to physical and emotional losses, can reach into the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of dollars, depending on the specific circumstances of the case.

One of the only ways and perhaps the best way to try to recover these losses is to file a personal injury lawsuit. Many times, it is extremely difficult to determine if you or your loved one will be able to recover compensation and, if you are, how much. This is where speaking with an experienced legal team that is dedicated to representing those injured by another's negligence can help.

Cormany Law strives to be the voice of the injured. Our legal team thoroughly assesses each individual case and gives honest feedback of the likelihood that a lawsuit will be successful. We cannot predict the future or guarantee any monetary recovery, but we can promise that our client's voices will be heard and that they will receive the best representation we can provide.

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