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One injured in five-car wreck in West Virginia

Being involved in an accident with just one vehicle can be traumatic, particularly if you are injured in the crash. So, just imagine the trauma that a chain-reaction crash involving many drivers and many vehicles can cause. It is a situation that no one wants to be in, but situations like that do happen all too often on West Virginia roads.

One person was recently injured in an accident involving five vehicles on U.S. Route 220 in Keyser. Witnesses report that the accident began when a blue automobile struck a Jeep from behind. The force of the collision caused the Jeep to then strike the back of a pickup truck. That vehicle then went on to hit the vehicle in front of it, which was pushed into another vehicle. The person behind the wheel of the Jeep was hospitalized for injuries suffered in the crash.

Meanwhile, while the victims of the chain-reaction crash were waiting for police help, a second crash occurred near the first crash. In that crash, an automobile struck a pickup truck from behind. It is not yet known whether that crash caused any of those involved to be injured.

When it comes to chain reaction crashes, sorting out liability can be difficult. In the end, one party could be liable to several other parties, or several parties could be liable to one party. It is a complicated situation that a driver may not want to handle alone. Victims of chain-reaction crashes or other motor vehicle accidents may want to make sure they understand their legal options, including the possibility of pursuing compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and the pain and suffering they experienced.

Source: Mineral Daily News-Tribune, "5-car chain reaction accident slows traffic on Route 220," July 18, 2017

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