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You’ve been injured on the job, now what?

The oil and gas industry is essential to America’s success. Unfortunately, working in this industry comes with a number of serious health risks. You are surrounded by explosive materials and heavy equipment, with opportunities for injury.

If you are injured on the job, you may be able to submit a claim against your employer to gain financial compensation for your injury and potential loss. Serious injuries lead to high medical bills and lost wages, so filing a claim can help you reclaim these losses, and regain peace of mind.

What do you have to do to submit a claim against your employer?

  • Seek medical help immediately following an accident, and document all injuries.
  • Gather information – names of witnesses, pictures of the accident location, date and time.
  • Meet with a lawyer who will ask you questions about your accident, and have you sit for a deposition.
  • Depending upon the situation, you may have to attend a trial.

How does a deposition work?

During a deposition, a lawyer will question you under oath, recording the facts of your accident. When you are under oath, it is very important to only share the facts of the case. Misrepresentation of the accident can have serious legal consequences.

Depositions are usually held within a law office, and the length of the deposition varies by case. A court reporter records the deposition, and some depositions are also videotaped. Legal representation from both sides of an argument are usually present.

Can your company penalize you for filing an injury claim?

Your company cannot penalize you for filing a claim after an injury. They cannot legally fire you, reduce your working hours, reassign you to lesser duties or otherwise negatively impact your workplace experience. If you notice a change in your work environment after filing a claim, speak with an attorney immediately.

Accidents are frightening, and you may be worried about your future health and ability to work. Do not worry. You have rights when you are injured on a jobsite, and a qualified lawyer can walk you through the complicated process of protecting those rights.

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