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Exposure to asbestos is very serious and must be prevented

Many occupations come with risks that can lead to serious medical conditions. One particular concern is for people who work around asbestos, which is a group of minerals that occur naturally that are used in various applications due to their corrosion and heat resistance.

Historically, asbestos was used in home building. However, it was discovered that asbestos exposure can be dangerous and deadly. The issue occurs when people get asbestos fibers into their lungs.

A brief explanation of the health issues

Exposure can lead to conditions that cause serious issues, including mesothelioma, which is a fatal cancer. Some of the other health issues that can occur include asbestosis, lung cancer, pleural effusions and pleural plaque. The thing that all of these conditions have in connection with each other is that they can cause the victim extreme pain and can be debilitating.

Prevention is the key

There isn't a safe level of exposure to asbestos. However, there are still some instances in which workers will have to work around it. In all cases in which a person will be around asbestos, preventing the person from inhaling the fibers is crucial. This can be done by providing protective equipment that can be shed when leaving the space and having rebreathing equipment to help filter the air before the person breathes it in. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, any worker who might be exposed to asbestos must have personal exposure monitoring provided by one's employer.

Industries where asbestos is found

Since many homes were built using asbestos, people who work in the construction industry today might be exposed. This is a huge issue for people who get homes ready to be razed, as they have to go through the asbestos abatement process if there is asbestos in the home. Shipbuilders and people in similar industries might also be exposed to the toxic substance. It is imperative that all workers who might be impacted are warned by employers, provided proper safety equipment, and given training on how to work around the substance.

Steps to take after exposure without proper safety mechanisms

Any worker who has been exposed to asbestos without proper safety procedures and gear should seek out medical care right away. From there, it is necessary to keep having check-ups on a regular basis, especially if there is reason to think that something is amiss. Workers who are exposed and suffer ill effects might decide that they are going to seek compensation for this.

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