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When individuals in West Virginia fall ill or become seriously injured, they rely on medical professionals to diagnose and treat them. With years of education and training, it is difficult to not trust a doctor, surgeon or nurse when they are treating you. However, medical professionals are humans; thus, making them subject to human errors. While these errors could be simple, causing not harm or disruption to the care of a patient, others could be extremely harmful and detrimental to the health and wellbeing of a patient.

Patients with hearing loss prone to medical errors

When we go to the doctor, we rely on the advice and medical diagnosis we receive. However, a medical treatment is only beneficial if a patient hears it and understands it. When it comes to senior citizens in West Virginia and elsewhere, being hard of hearing could be detrimental to their patient care. And, if a medical professional fails to take this factor into consideration, this could result in serious and even life threatening medical errors.

Failure to diagnose multiple sclerosis common, survey says

It is frustrating being sick, but having a doctor misdiagnose an illness can make matters worse. But, occasionally, Charlestonians can spend years suffering from an illness before receiving a proper diagnosis. Misdiagnoses can derail a person's health, so it is important to address them, particularly when it comes to a serious illness, such as multiple sclerosis.