Motorcycle Accidents

When a car or truck strikes a motorcycle, injuries suffered by the cyclist can range from road rash and scarring to paralysis and death. Wearing or not wearing a helmet and lacking the structure found in other motor vehicles, injured riders and grieving family members are entitled to justice.

Motorcycle riders must maintain an awareness of their surroundings and ensure that other motor vehicle operators are aware of them. Despite these defensive driving techniques and the use of helmets and protective eyewear, accidents can occur and lives are changed in a split second.

The Need For Immediate Legal Representation Following A Motorcycle Crash

Quick settlements without legal help are anything but fair in motorcycle accident claims, nor do they reflect the extent of the losses. Insurance adjusters rush to resolve serious injury or wrongful death claims quickly to minimize compensation before you can speak to an attorney. Our job is to hold negligent and inattentive drivers accountable and pursue maximum compensation for the following:

  • Vehicle damage
  • Medical expenses, both immediate and future
  • Lost wages for accident victims and families (in wrongful death claims)
  • Pain and suffering

Handling The Insurance Company For You

At Cormany Law PLLC, we focus on the best interests of our clients whose lives have changed because another vehicle simply didn't see them. On their behalf, we deal with insurers directly. For more than 15 years, West Virginia personal injury lawyer Jon Kristofer Cormany has negotiated with the insurance companies on behalf of accident victims.

Our founder knows their tactics firsthand and how they conduct business. While mediation can get the compensation you deserve, the founder of our firm will take your case to trial if necessary.

Your focus should be on recovery. Our focus is on maximizing the compensation you deserve.

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