Texting and Driving Accident

In spite of laws passed and countless public service announcements to increase awareness, many drivers of cars and trucks continue to focus more on their cellphone than the operation of their vehicles. Taking their eyes off the road for a split second can lead to serious injuries and death in:

Dedicated Representation Following Accidents Caused By Cellphone Use

Simply stated, drivers paying more attention to a text, social media, GPS device or DVD are putting everyone sharing the road with them at risk. In an instant, a violent collision can change the lives of not only their fellow drivers, but also bicyclists and pedestrians.

In the aftermath of an accident, you require immediate medical care. However, legal counsel is necessary when dealing with insurance adjusters. Providing a statement or signing a document without representation undermines your personal injury claim and minimizes the compensation you are entitled to receive.

At Cormany Law PLLC, Charleston motor vehicle accident lawyer Jon Kristofer Cormany attends to all the legal aspects of our clients' legal claims while they recover from physical injuries or grieve the wrongful death of a loved one. He pursues maximum compensation for immediate and future medical care, lost wages and property damage.

We Are Prepared To Litigate When Necessary

While settlements in texting and driving claims and all motor vehicle accident cases are common, we do not shy away from litigation. Our founder focuses on your best interests and pursues the best outcome in mediation or a trial.

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