Gas Well Fires

Fires at natural gas wells are a constant hazard at fracking operations. The drilling rig can catch fire, but so can storage tanks and other parts of the drill site. Common causes of well fires include methane explosions, flammable chemicals used in fracking process, blowouts, lack of fire prevention training, and defective or poorly maintained equipment.

Experience Handling Fracking And Drilling Accident Cases

If you or a family member has been injured by a well fire on the Marcellus Shale or elsewhere in the state, Cormany Law PLLC can help. Our experienced natural gas and pipeline accident lawyer understands the state and federal regulations that govern fracking and drilling operations. He will work hard to see that you recover the compensation you need. Call 304-720-3566 to schedule a free consultation with a West Virginia gas well fire attorney. We can represent workers from any state as long as they were injured while working on a natural gas drilling or pipeline operation in West Virginia.

You Will Need Considerable Compensation

Gas well fires can cause severe burns, eye injuries and blindness, nerve damage, inhalation injuries and scarring. Burns can lead to dangerous secondary conditions such as infection and organ failure. In the worst cases, burn injuries can be fatal.

Injury victims will need significant compensation to cover the cost of their medical care and lost wages. Burn injury treatment and recovery can last for years and may include multiple surgeries, cosmetic procedures, skin grafts, infection control, pain management, rehabilitative therapy and psychological counseling.

Workers' compensation will cover some of your losses, but with severe injuries and wrongful death cases, most families need additional compensation. We can file injury suits against any negligent third parties such as subcontractors and equipment manufacturers. We may be able to file a suit against your employer if it knowingly violated safety regulations that put you in danger.

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