Broken Bones & Amputations

Not surprisingly, amputations are one of the most disabling injuries a person can suffer. Amputations may result in a lifetime of medical treatment, prosthetics and lost wages. A broken bone can also cause temporary or permanent disability, especially if it does not heal correctly and the person does not regain full use of the affected area.

Hazardous workplaces in a variety of industries can lead to accidents in which bones are broken. Similarly, accidents involving heavy equipment can cause amputations or cause injuries that subsequently require the amputation of limbs. When machinery or equipment is not maintained properly and necessary safety precautions are ignored, the likelihood of these injuries increases.

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An Attorney Who Will Fight For The Compensation You Deserve

If you have suffered a serious work injury, you will most likely need an attorney to get adequate compensation. Your employer, the workers' compensation insurer and other negligent parties may try to deny your claim or offer you less compensation than you need. You can rely on Cormany Law PLLC to fight for you. We can represent people in any occupation and from any state as long as they were injured while in West Virginia.

Handling Accidents In All Types Of Workplaces

Broken bones and amputations that occur on the job are commonly caused by:

With an attorney's help, you can collect compensation from all liable parties. We investigate the events and causes that led to your broken bone or amputation to determine who is responsible. Typically, an injured worker is eligible for workers' compensation benefits as well as compensation from a personal injury suit against a negligent third party.

Depending on the details of the accident, you may also be able to sue your employer for additional damages if it knowingly put you in danger.

Discuss Your Workplace Injury With An Experienced Legal Professional

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