Burn Injuries

Working in the coal or natural gas industries presents risks for hard-working West Virginia residents. In spite of safety precautions and regulations governing both industries, dangerous and deadly explosions and resulting fires represent a continuing hazard. Even the use of logging trucks and other company vehicles involved in an accident can result in equally catastrophic and deadly consequences.

Without warning or protection, gas fires leave victims with burns and other serious injuries. Workers suffer career-ending injuries and families are left grieving the loss of a loved one.

Attorneys Seeking Compensation For Injured Natural Gas And Coal Workers

Flammable chemicals are used in fracking and other drilling/pipeline operations. Equally dangerous methane gas and dust in a coal mine can result in a fire only made worse by the dust. Many victims of coal mine or natural gas pipeline explosions are left with injuries ranging from smoke inhalation and physical scarring to nerve damage and blindness.

The aftermath of a fire or explosion at a natural gas pipeline or coal mine requires immediate medical care. However, compensation to pay for that immediate (and future) medical care and lost wages is a must. Instead of earning an income for their families, burn victims are unable to work. Instead of performing their jobs, they face multiple surgeries, including cosmetic procedures and skin grafts. Resulting infections must be monitored and controlled.

Pursuing Compensation For A Full Recovery

Full recovery is possible over the long term, but pain management, rehabilitation and counseling is needed.

Workers' compensation is an option for burn injury claims. At Cormany Law PLLC, in-depth investigations sometime uncover a third party responsible for the workplace accident. With our findings, we pursue personal injury claims against product manufacturers, contractors and other third parties who placed profits over safety.

You focus on maximum recovery. We will focus on maximizing your compensation.

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