Chemical Injuries In The Workplace

Being injured on the job is unexpected, even when the dangers are inherent. For many victims of chemical industry and chemical exposure injuries, an attorney is necessary to pursue an workplace accident injury claim.

At Cormany Law PLLC, your safety comes first. West Virginia laws mandate that employers follow safety regulations. Still, workplace injuries happen. When they do, and you suffer as a result, you need an experienced lawyer to hold your employer accountable. They may be financially obligated for your pain and suffering.

Gaining Financial Compensation For Chemical Injuries

Chemical injuries take form in various ways, internally or externally. Common injuries from chemical exposure include:

  • Burns — From skin irritation to deep wounds, affecting muscle tissue. Chemical burns may require skin grafts or surgery. Eye damage may lead to loss of vision.
  • Respiratory illness — Black lung is typical in coal workers. Inflammation caused by chemical inhalation may cause chronic bronchitis or pneumonia.
  • Cancer — Many known carcinogens exist in construction chemicals, in cleaning and manufacturing substances, and in research laboratories.
  • Fatalities — In places where chemicals are present, explosions are always possible. They may cause any and all of the above. They may even lead to wrongful death.

If you were exposed to toxic chemicals and are suffering injuries from their effects, attorney Mr. Cormany can fight to recover damages for you. He has successfully handled various chemical injury cases during his more than 20 years of practice. He has formed working relationships with experts. You benefit from the collaborative efforts that provide determination and proof of fault.

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