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West Virginia Construction Accident Lawyer

A construction site is typically full of materials and equipment that can result in accidents and injuries. These hazardous locations pose particular risk when an employer has failed to properly train employees or take appropriate safety precautions. Because of the equipment and materials involved in the industry, when an accident does occur, the injuries can be serious.

Representation For Seriously Injured Construction Workers

One of the most common and treacherous workplace injuries involves falling or being crushed by equipment. It is very important for employers to follow safety standards on fall protection. Our law firm has real-world understanding of construction site scaffolding accidents and injuries. We can review your accident from every angle to help uncover not only what happened but also who was responsible, including third parties.

"We can weed through construction site employment structures to determine the liable party or parties." — Cormany Law PLLC

A Potentially Hazardous Working Environment

At Cormany Law PLLC, we understand the complex working environments associated with the construction industry. Whether you are involved in home, highway, bridge, dams or building construction, your workplace most likely includes many third parties. We have real-world knowledge of how multiple companies and workers on a site can contribute to negligent safety compliance.

Under state law, you may be able to pursue claims against all responsible parties. Our West Virginia construction accident attorney can evaluate your situation to help determine the responsible parties. These can include contractors, subcontractors, supervisors from other companies and truck maintenance personnel. We are committed to holding West Virginia companies and industries responsible for failing to follow safety rules that result in bodily harm.

Experienced Handling A Wide Array Of Injuries

Our workplace accident representation extends beyond typical injuries. Our lead lawyer, Jon Kristofer Cormany, has more than 15 years of experience handling complex personal injury cases. His extensive experience with the construction industry provides important insights into many types of accidents. In addition to the more obvious types of construction injuries is the potential for other accidents, such as those involving electricity. A variety of issues on a construction site can lead to electrical shock, electrocution and death.

Our law firm can review your traumatic injuries, including amputation, resulting from any type of construction accident. Consulting with medical and financial experts, we can illustrate the severe nature of your long-term financial needs to cope with possible permanent injuries.

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