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West Virginia Brain Injury Lawyer

At Cormany Law PLLC, our legal team understands that no amount of money can make your situation right. Workplace accident injuries can financially devastate families. You may also be anxious about not having the level of care you or a loved one deserves. We are committed to putting you in a financial position where you are able to obtain the highest quality of care possible.

"Spinal cord and brain injuries, unfortunately, are quite common in the mining industry. We can help you pursue a negligence claim against your employer or responsible parties." — Cormany Law PLLC

Compensation To Cover Lifetime Care

Paralysis, a fractured skull, or other traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries can cause lifetime medical issues. Our West Virginia brain injury attorney, Jon Kristofer Cormany, has more than 15 years of experience handling complex workplace injury cases. He has devoted his legal practice to holding West Virginia companies and industries responsible for failing to follow safety rules that result in bodily harm.

We work with a wide network of industry experts to help illustrate the serious nature of your injuries and long-term financial needs. Depending on your unique workplace injuries, we can consult with:

  • Physiatrists: They specialize in rehabilitation over a person's lifetime to get the individual to the highest level of functioning.
  • Life-care planners: They look at medical records and work with physiatrist to determine future medical care and home modifications. They also put a dollar amount on the cost of your care over your lifetime.
  • Vocational experts: They evaluate your injury and determine the level of education and training you may need. They determine how the injury affects your ability to earn a wage.
  • Economic experts: They project your lifetime wage loss based on your vocational impairment.

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