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July 2017 Archives

One injured in five-car wreck in West Virginia

Being involved in an accident with just one vehicle can be traumatic, particularly if you are injured in the crash. So, just imagine the trauma that a chain-reaction crash involving many drivers and many vehicles can cause. It is a situation that no one wants to be in, but situations like that do happen all too often on West Virginia roads.

On what basis can one pursue a products liability lawsuit?

Consumers in West Virginia may assume that much testing takes place before a product hits store shelves. Whether the product is a child's toy, a medication, a piece of furniture or even an automobile, consumers deserve to feel safe that these products will not place them or their loved ones in danger. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen, and consumers are injured or even killed due to defective products.

Failure to diagnose multiple sclerosis common, survey says

It is frustrating being sick, but having a doctor misdiagnose an illness can make matters worse. But, occasionally, Charlestonians can spend years suffering from an illness before receiving a proper diagnosis. Misdiagnoses can derail a person's health, so it is important to address them, particularly when it comes to a serious illness, such as multiple sclerosis.

How a traumatic brain injury can affect a victim's life

As most of us already know, the brain is the most complex and one of the most important organs in the human body. In order for us to think, act and function properly, we need a functioning human brain. Brain injuries throughout the United States are not uncommon, and serious or catastrophic brain injuries, often called traumatic brain injuries or TBIs, can lead to long-term or life-long disabilities to its victims.