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Protecting the rights of employees injured in workplace accidents

Going to work is a very routine activity for residents in West Virginia and elsewhere. While, at times, it can feel like a monotonous act for some employees, some workers in certain industries are always alive and alert when they enter the work environment. Because some industries pose various risk and dangers to employees, these workers are likely to enter the workplace with their safety in mind. Although certain jobs are regulated by the state and federal government to ensure health and safety guidelines are followed, this does not always mean they are complied with. Thus, workplace accidents could be the result of negligence by an employer or a supervisor.

No one expects to be injured on the job, and, even when it occurs, workers are likely more concerned about their health and well-being than finding out what caused the accident and who was at fault. Nonetheless, determining cause and liability in a work accident is a crucial step to take. At Cormany Law, PLLC, our experienced legal team has witnessed many accounts of bodily injury occurring because of companies and industries failing to follow safety rules. Thus, our law firm is dedicated to helping workers in the Charleston area navigate a legal action.

With an extensive background in workplace injury cases, our law firm has dealt with a wide variety of cases involving workplace accidents. Because of this, we have a firm grasp on the state, federal and industry safety regulations utilized in a wide range of workplaces. We are able to apply this knowledge to your case, helping you determine the cause of your injury and what parties were at fault.

Holding a negligent party responsible for your injuries can be a very important step to take. A workplace injury could result in substantial damages, such as lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, rehabilitation and other similar damages and losses. Pursuing a legal action does not only hold a negligent party liable but also helps with the recovery of compensation.

To learn more, check out our law firm's website. Whether you were in a risky job or not, employees are afforded certain rights. If an employer or supervisor intentionally or negligently disregarded industry safety standards, this could give rise to a workplace accident and the opportunity to pursue a legal action.

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