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Understanding factors that lead to serious workplace accidents

For most individuals, the workplace is how we maintain a livable income. Whether this is through an office job, construction, mining or factory work, employees across the nation likely face known and unknown risks and dangers in any and all types of work environments. Even if a position does not have obvious risks, the unfortunate reality is that all workers could endure serious harms in the event of a workplace accident.

According to the Occupational Safety and Heath Administration, all workers are exposed to the risk of suffering a serious or fatal injury in the workplace as a result of being struck by an object. Based on their collected information and data, a significant portion of these injuries, fatal or not, were caused by being struck in the eyes, face, head, hands or feet by a foreign object. For example, collected data suggests that 2,500 eye injuries occur everyday as a result of a workplace accident.

With regards to disabling injuries occurring in the workplace, OHSA and the Department of Labor investigated what was the cause or major factor in these incidents. They uncovered two major sources that contributed to these injuries. The first is the fact that personal protective gear is not being work all of the time. The second was the fact that the protective equipment being worn did not fully protect the employee. These two factors suggest that employers need to reevaluate protective equipment and the standards and requirements set for their usage in the workplace. The emphasis here is on proper training and ongoing safety monitoring.

Suffering a work injury is not an easy event to deal with or overcome. Such a tragic event could cause a worker to endure much pain and suffering, resulting in a variety of medical care, rehabilitation and lost wages. Because the damages associated with the event could be extensive, it is important to understand your options. A workers' compensation action could help an injured worker recover necessary benefits to overcome the financial burdens caused by the incident.

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