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Recovering from a back injury caused in the workplace

We all suffer back pain from time to time. Maybe we slept wrong, worked out too hard or just simply need a massage or readjustment. However, some back pain sufferers are dealing with a major back issue due to a back injury. The workplace is a common culprit of back injuries, and those who have suffered such an injury should take the time to understand their matter, what rights they have and whether they could collect workers' compensation benefits.

Lifting something heavy, sitting all day long, a fall or an accident in the workplace, could have caused a back injury. No matter the cause of a back injury, it is important that workers understand and take the time to treat this often painful injury. Medical costs associated with this injury can be costly and lengthy. In the U.S., it is estimated that the annual medical care costs with back injuries is around $240 billion. Non-medical cost often exceeds $100 billion each year.

Because a back problem is the most common reason for missed work, it is important for sufferers to understand how to recover from such an injury. There are five phases to recover from a back injury. The first phase is to manage the pain and take steps to restore mobility. This also means stopping activities that cause back pain. The second phase is endurance and stability. This means beginning to exercise to maintain the strength in the other areas of your body.

The next phase is strength endurance, which focuses on re-strengthen the back. The fourth phase is hypertrophy and strength. This means increasing exercises but limiting to only those that do not cause any pain. The final phase is to reestablish maximal strength and power. This occurs when one no longer has any pain or symptoms from the back injury.

Rehabilitating and recovering from a back injury can take much time and effort. It could also cause a worker to live with much pain and be unable to work. Thus, it is important to consider your rights when it comes to recovering workers' compensation benefits. These benefits could address medical bills, lost wages and other related damages.

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