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The roads of West Virginia are dangerous in the winter

As a resident of West Virginia, you know that the winter months can bring all types of weather to the state. From snow to ice to strong winds, you could find yourself contending with something dangerous when you least expect it.

Since the roads of West Virginia can be dangerous when the weather takes a turn for the worse, it's imperative that you understand the steps you can take to improve your overall level of safety.

Here are some top tips for safe driving during the winter months:

  • Slow down. Even if you don't follow any other bit of advice, make sure you slow down if the roads are wet. Doing so greatly reduces the risk of an accident.
  • Don't accelerate too quickly. When you do this, you'll find it difficult to maintain traction. The same holds true for braking. You should gradually apply the brakes, doing your best to avoid abrupt stops.
  • Don't follow too closely. It can take longer to stop your vehicle when the roads are wet, so you don't want to drive too closely to the car in front of yours.
  • Don't stop when you are going up a hill. Unless it's absolutely necessary, you want to avoid this. Stopping on snowy roads makes it difficult to start up again.
  • Change your schedule. If the roads are too bad to navigate, do yourself a favor and change your schedule. You'll be glad that you did as you sit safely in your home.

Even if you follow these winter weather safety tips, you can't expect every other driver to do the same. This is why you need to watch for people who are driving in a reckless manner.

In the event of an accident, move to safety and call for help. You should receive medical treatment at the scene, and a local hospital.

From there, focus on who caused the accident and your legal rights for obtaining compensation for your injuries and other damages (such as damage to your vehicle).

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