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Recovering damages for pain and suffering

For some residents in West Virginia, the closest encounter to a car accident is when they drive by an accident site. While motorists are aware that accidents can happen at any time on any roadway, they never believe that it will be them harmed by a negligent, reckless or intoxicated driver. Unfortunately, numerous automobile collisions occur on a daily basis throughout the country, leaving victims overwhelmed by the aftermath of the crash.

Helping you prove diagnostic errors caused you harm

We go to the doctor to get better, right? So it is a bit shocking when we end up in a worse condition after seeking medical attention. While no one is perfect and even doctors make mistakes because they are human too, it is very detrimental to the health and wellbeing of patients when medical professionals fail to uphold their duty of care. Because of their education and training, a medical professional is expected to meet a certain standard of care when treating patients. Missing a step, making an error or being negligent could seriously impact a patient's life.

What is a hospital-acquired infection?

We all go to the hospital for a wide variety of reasons, but individuals in West Virginia and elsewhere all go to the hospital with the intention to get better. Unfortunately, we cannot always control our health and what illnesses might plague us. However, one does not expect to become ill because they decided to go to the hospital. When a hospital is negligent or medical professionals fail to uphold their duty of care, a patient could develop an infection stemming from their stay at the hospital.

What is a class action suit?

When you are harmed by something, it is easy to only focus on your pain and suffering. However, it is likely that others have suffered the same harms in the same way. With regards to consumer goods, these travel throughout West Virginia and other state across the nation. This means that numerous consumers are purchasing the same products as you. And if that product is defective, this could result in countless consumers suffering serious injuries and damages.