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What is a class action suit?

When you are harmed by something, it is easy to only focus on your pain and suffering. However, it is likely that others have suffered the same harms in the same way. With regards to consumer goods, these travel throughout West Virginia and other state across the nation. This means that numerous consumers are purchasing the same products as you. And if that product is defective, this could result in countless consumers suffering serious injuries and damages.

The product recall process by the FDA

Whether it is a newly released device, a household item, food or a motor vehicle, we all rely on consumer goods. While some are more necessary than others, it is practically impossible to avoid interacting with a widespread consumer product. While these items serve a purpose and are most likely very beneficial to the user, unforeseen problems can sometimes occur. These issues can then lead to health and safety problems for the consumer. Unfortunately, this situation could be the reason a consumer is injured or harmed.

What are your consumer rights regarding defective products?

It is challenging to get through our days without the help of goods and products. Consumer goods help us complete tasks or make things easier. Whether it is a vehicle, tool, household item or even a medical device, it would seem impossible to live without these. Although these are very useful and reliable items, they do not always work as intended. While this may seem like a frustrating situation, it is also a one that could involve a defective product harming a consumer. Thus, when individuals are harmed by consumer goods, it is important to understand whether it is in fact defective, how this defect occurred and what legal recourses are available to the injured consumer.

Understanding the different types of defective products

With the constant advances in technology, it is tough not to use and rely on a wide variety of consumer goods. While some of these products provide pure enjoyment, others serve vital roles, such as an automobile, household item or work tool. And, because of their resourcefulness, some consumers rely on these products on a daily basis. When a product malfunctions, however, this can cause huge upsets. While this could just mean the product no longer works, it could also mean it is defective and harmed the consumer using it.

We can help you assert a products liability action

In today's world, it is tough to get through the day without some type of consumer product. Whether you are using a computer, household item, tool or motor vehicle, these products are very efficient, helping us accomplish tasks we couldn't do without them. While consumer goods are helpful and often relied on, they are not always perfect. Consumer products are, unfortunately, subject to human errors, causing some to be defective or dangerous.

On what basis can one pursue a products liability lawsuit?

Consumers in West Virginia may assume that much testing takes place before a product hits store shelves. Whether the product is a child's toy, a medication, a piece of furniture or even an automobile, consumers deserve to feel safe that these products will not place them or their loved ones in danger. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen, and consumers are injured or even killed due to defective products.