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Illinois truck driver faced charged following fatal WV crash

Accidents can happen anywhere. Whether it's on your way to work, to the store, to pick up your kids from school or on vacation, negligent drivers are everywhere. Because of this, drivers should always be aware of the dangers on the roadways. Nonetheless, driving defensively does not always help to evade an accident, especially when a negligent truck driver is behind the wheel of a massive vehicle.

Recovering damages for pain and suffering

For some residents in West Virginia, the closest encounter to a car accident is when they drive by an accident site. While motorists are aware that accidents can happen at any time on any roadway, they never believe that it will be them harmed by a negligent, reckless or intoxicated driver. Unfortunately, numerous automobile collisions occur on a daily basis throughout the country, leaving victims overwhelmed by the aftermath of the crash.

Three injured in multi-vehicle crash

Accidents can happen at any given moment on the roadways. Even when a motorist is attempting to evade an accident up ahead, this could result in an additional accident occurring. Chain reaction collisions can involve multiple vehicles and could be caused by the negligence of one or more drivers. Thus, it is important that victims understand this possibility and what steps they can take to prove cause and liability.

What types of people are likely to be a distracted driver?

We all tend to multi-task at times. While this is fine when we are at home, at school or work, this is an issue when it is behind the wheel of a vehicle. Distracted driving is a known danger; however, motorists across the nation partake in this dangerous activity. While not all drivers are compelled to distractions while they are driving, there are some drivers that are more likely to be a distracted driver than others.

Guiding you through a personal injury claim after a car crash

With the holiday months upon us, residents in West Virginia and elsewhere are likely to witness more vehicles on the roadways. Whether it is because of family gatherings, work parties, shopping or large trucks making shipments, more and more individuals are taking to the road. While most drivers comply with the rules of the road and travel safely, others find themselves compelled to driver distractedly. Unfortunately, it only takes a mere second for an accident to happen. And when a driver has their eyes on a phone instead of the road, the lives of motorists and passengers are put at risk.

Don't navigate the aftermath of a car accident alone

While countless trips on the open road are completed without consequence, there are some instances when that unfortunately isn't the case. Motor vehicle accidents can cause a wide range of injuries from something seemingly minor as a sore neck to the total loss of life. With such stakes, it's important to know that you are not alone if you've been the victim of such a horrific occurrence.

Woman dead following crash with dump truck

Motorists in West Virginia and elsewhere encounter a wide variety of vehicles. While this typically includes other automobiles, this could also entail buses, larger trucks, commercial vehicles and bicyclists. Thus, it is important for drivers to be attentive of all vehicles traveling around them, large and small. A negligent driver, whether they are operating a personal vehicle or driving for work, could be the cause of a serious and even fatal motor vehicle collision.