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Recovering from a back injury caused in the workplace

We all suffer back pain from time to time. Maybe we slept wrong, worked out too hard or just simply need a massage or readjustment. However, some back pain sufferers are dealing with a major back issue due to a back injury. The workplace is a common culprit of back injuries, and those who have suffered such an injury should take the time to understand their matter, what rights they have and whether they could collect workers' compensation benefits.

Holding a negligent party liable following a workplace accident

Sometimes accidents just happen, but in other situations, accidents are a result of a negligent party. Because of that, when you become victim of a workplace accident, it is best to not look at it as a simple accident that was no one's fault. On the other hand, you should consider it being caused by an employer, supervisor or another third party.

Helping you recover compensation following a workplace accident

Not all workplaces are created equally; however, no matter what industry you work in, your health and safety should be a priority. Employers in West Virginia and other states across the nation are required to follow health and safety rules and regulations in order to ensure that employees are free from risks and dangers. Despite the efforts made by state and federal agencies, some employers fail to comply with these regulations. This unfortunately can lead to serious and even fatal workplace accidents.

Understanding factors that lead to serious workplace accidents

For most individuals, the workplace is how we maintain a livable income. Whether this is through an office job, construction, mining or factory work, employees across the nation likely face known and unknown risks and dangers in any and all types of work environments. Even if a position does not have obvious risks, the unfortunate reality is that all workers could endure serious harms in the event of a workplace accident.

Rise in coal mining deaths generates safety concerns

The mining industry is important to residents in West Virginia and nearby states. Because residents in these states tend to work in this industry, the dangers and risks associated with mining are likely well known. Even more so, miners are also aware of the various health and safety steps that have been taken on the state and federal level to ensure the safety and well-being of miners. Unfortunately, these safety measures are not always taken or adequately applied, resulting in serious and fatal mining accidents.

Protecting the rights of employees injured in workplace accidents

Going to work is a very routine activity for residents in West Virginia and elsewhere. While, at times, it can feel like a monotonous act for some employees, some workers in certain industries are always alive and alert when they enter the work environment. Because some industries pose various risk and dangers to employees, these workers are likely to enter the workplace with their safety in mind. Although certain jobs are regulated by the state and federal government to ensure health and safety guidelines are followed, this does not always mean they are complied with. Thus, workplace accidents could be the result of negligence by an employer or a supervisor.

What is OSHA? Part 1

In 1970, the United States government signed into law the Occupational Health and Safety Act, or the OSH Act, designed to help protect Americans in the workplace. At the same time, it created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, commonly called OSHA. Before OSHA, American workers were often subjected to dangerous and hazardous conditions that could lead to serious injuries, illness and in many cases, death.

Can you sue a third party after a workplace accident?

While some jobs are inherently more dangerous than others, any worker in West Virginia, whether they are miners or executives, could possibly be injured on the job. And, sometimes, these injuries are not the fault of the employer or the employee. In West Virginia and nationwide, if a person is injured on the job due to some act of a third party, who was not the injured worker or the worker's employer, it may be possible to bring a lawsuit against that party.